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3 new Quickstart games in Days of Poker 2.0

3 new Quickstart games in Days of Poker 2.0

Days of Poker
November 8, 2019

In the new version of the Days of Poker app is has become even more easier to quickly start new games. The team behind the Chinese Poker app has developed 3 new Quickstart games in Days of Poker 2.0. This way you are instantly playing your poker hands!

What does quickstart mean?

The team behind Days of Poker noticed some players found it to be quite a hassle to start up new games. Not everybody wants to be in control of everything, sometimes it just has to go faster. If you want to play, you can play instantly. All quickstart games have fixed stakes.

The quickstart games are 3 different game format that you can easily find with your quickstart button in the gamelobby. A blue plus symbol is showing in the bottom right corner. Click it and you will have to choose between one of three Quickstart games available. The app immediately searches for an opponent ready to play as well.

Face Off

In a Face Off the Days of Poker app searches for a Normal Game player. You play 1 normal game of 5 hands in which you will have 72 hours time for each turn you play. The game type in a Face Off is Progressive Open Face Chinese poker, with stake € 0,10 per point. So you have to pay a total buyin of € 10,40. We reserve € 10 for your game, € 0,40 is rake for the provider Days of Poker.

Best of 3

A Best of 3 speaks for its own. Click on Start Best of 3 and Days of Poker will instantly look for a player willing to play a heads-up sit & go with you. One game will take about 20 minutes. You play 3 games simultaneously against your opponent. Win 2 games and the match is yours. In Best of 3 you playe Progressive Open Face Chinese poker. The buy-in is set on € 5. € 4,50 goes to the prize pool and € 0,50 is rake for the provider Days of Poker.


A Thrill is a Fast Game in which you play 3 games simultaneously. In the end the total score in points is transferred to the winner of the Thrill. You better keep 15 up to 20 minutes playing time in mind. The game type of a Thrill game is Regular OFC. You will be playing stake € 0,05 per point. In total Days of Poker is charging € 15,60 here of which € 15 is reserved for possible payouts.

Real money play

Real money play is now also available in the Days of Poker app, next to coins play. You can already find a lot of information in the Chinese poker app and besides that we have a Days of Poker blog to keep you on top of any new event. Go to the real money play blog to get an overview of all updates.

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