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Days of Poker ticket system in detail

Days of Poker ticket system in detail

Days of Poker
November 8, 2019

The release of the real money play in Days of Poker makes way for a lot of extra possibillities in the Chinese poker app. One of these extras is a ticket system in Days of Poker. In this article we will explain the new ticket system in detail. You can use these tickets to buy-in in a more expensive tournament. For ticket-only events you also need a ticket.

What type of tickets are available?

Right now, Days of Poker has 2 types of tickets available in app. We make a distinction between generic and event specific tickets.

Generic tickets

Generic tickets have a value that is expressed in euro. They have an expiration date. Make sure you use the ticket before it expires. You can use this type of ticket for all events that have the same buy-in as the value of the ticket.

Specific tickets

Event specific tickets don’t have a value in euro. You can only use a specific ticket for the event for which you have won the ticket. After the event has been played, the ticket will disappear from your Ticket section. If you have not used it, too bad.

Specific events can be closed or open. In a closed specific event only players with a ticket can participate. In open specific events everyone can participate: the players with event specific tickets and the players that want to pay their buy-in with euro. There is no relation whatsoever between the buy-in and the “value” of an event specific ticket.

How can you win tickets?

There are 3 possible ways to receive a ticket.


In some events the winners will be paid (partly) in tickets. You can always double check the pay-out in the info section of an event. Like this, you know what you’re playing for. Won tickets usually have an expiration date of 1 year after you’ve won the ticket. Remember to use your ticket within a year, otherwise you’ll miss out on fun opportunities.


Another player can gift you one (or more) of his tickets. The only condition is that you are both friends with each other in our Chinese poker app. The opposite is also possible: you can give away your tickets to your friends in app. Nobody in your circle of friends has to miss out on fun Days of Poker action.


Days of Poker can give you tickets as a bonus. This will be more of an exception, but it is possible that Days of Poker gives little extras to players. We like rewarding loyal players.

By viewing your Ticket history in the Tickets section in Days of Poker you’ll see how you’ve received the ticket.>

What can you use tickets for?

It depends on the type of ticket. You can use tickets for different real money tournaments.

An event specific ticket can only be used for this specific event. Don’t forget to manually subscribe for the event before it starts. Once the tournament has started, your not used ticket will automatically expire.

A generic ticket can be used for any tournament that has the same buy-in as the value of your ticket. If you own a € 22 ticket, you can use this for any kind of event in the calender that has a buy-in of € 22. Generic tickets can expire as well. Make sure to use tickets in time, before they expire.

Can you give away tickets?

You can give away a won or received ticket to other players in the app. Navigate to Tickets in the menu of Days of Poker. Click on the unused ticket that you wish to gift. Via ticket transfer you can book this ticket to another player.

Keep in mind that you have to be friends with the other player in order to be able to give him or her one of your tickets. If you’re not friends with him or her in app yet, first send him or her a friendship request!

Real money play

You can find a lot of information about real money play in the Days of Poker app. We’ve also written extensive articles about all new features in the Days of Poker blog. Read the real money play blog for a full overview with all app updates.

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