Game formats



Game formats

Next to the regular Open Face Chinese Pineapple Poker, OFC can be played in dozens of ways. The possibilities are endless. In Days of Poker, our free Chinese Poker app, we offer 4 different game formats. We would like to explain them more in detail below. From Fast Games to Best of 3 tournaments… Anything is possible!

OFC Variations

Open Face Chinese Pineapple Poker is just one of the variations of OFC. It can be played in different game formats: from Fast Games to Sit & Go’s to Best of 3 tournaments, …

In many cases Chinese Poker is played as “cashgame”. With this term we indicate that a scoring system is kept and a value is given to each point.

Normal games

In the Days of Poker app you can play these kind of cash games by choosing for Normal Games. In a normal game you play 5 hands against an opponent. After these hands are finished the score is set off per point that you’ve won or lost.

Fast games

Fast Games use the same principle as the Normal Games in Days of Poker. The difference is that in a fast game you play 5 hands in 3 different games at the same time against the same opponent. When your games are finished you are paid by the amount of points. Also: you only get 90 seconds to complete each hand. This is pure action with a rush of adrenalin!

P.S. Days of Poker is the only operator that offers fast games. Nowhere else in the world can you play this game format of OFC Poker. It’s offered in all three game types: Regular, Progressive and Low.

Tournament format

OFC can also be played in tourney format. There are different formats possible.


In Live Open Face Chinese Poker, the most common format is the one where players receive a start stack and keep on playing until one player has collected all available chips.


In Days of Poker, our OFC poker app, events consist of playing in different rounds. A round means playing 3 games of 5 hands each against each other. The player that wins at least 2 out of 3 boxes wins the match and will go on to the next round.

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