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Real money play in Days of Poker

Real money play in Days of Poker

Days of Poker
November 8, 2019

Real money play is now available in Days of Poker! In November 2019 Days of Poker released the real money play in the Chinese poker app. This means that you can play with play money (coins) and real money (euro) in the app. Time to challenge your friends. Who is the best Open Face Chinese Poker player?

Free version for everyone

It’s important to know that the Days of Poker app is always 100% free to download. To put the app on your phone, it costs you nothing. On top of that, all game types are freely available in the coins version. All players that create an account receive 50.000 free coins to play with.Manage your online bankroll and boost your payday. Like this, you can earn more than 5.000 coins extra every month.

If you want to take it to the next level, you can add more tension to your game by allowing real money play.

Keep in mind that real money play is only available for players older than 18 and living in Belgium. Our aim is to activate the real money play in other countries as well.

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Deposits possible

To play for real money in Days of Poker, we need to verify your account. After that you can deposit money in your account and start playing immediately. All game types that you can play with coins, you can also play for real money. Normal and Fast Games, Events and Sit & Go’s. Indulge yourself!

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Open Face Chinese Poker event program

Days of Poker offers an extensive real money play event program. Of course, coin play is also readily available at all times. In the event lobby of the Chinese poker app you can use the filter to check out the tournaments you want to play.

More info about the 4 different event groups in Days of Poker

Brand new ticket system

Every time the Days of Poker app is updated, the team adds fun new things. This time, we’ve added a ticket system. This enables you to win tickets in events. After the tickets are won they can be used for ticket-only events or to buy-in in more expensive tournaments.

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3 new Quickstart OFC games

Not all players want full control of every possible specification of an OFC game. The team behind Days of Poker has added 3 new Quickstart OFC games. This way you can start playing instantly.

Learn how to start instant OFC games

Rake for real money play

Like in every poker game, in Days of Poker you should take into account a small cost (rake) that is used to guarantee a proper functioning of the app.

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B+ License for Days of Poker

In 2016 the team behind Days of Poker made its first baby steps towards the Open Face Chinese Pineapple Poker app that is now online in the Play & App Stores. Everything will stand or fall with a good concept. The team was convinced that there was no Chinese Poker app alike that would be as complete as Days of Poker.

After the release of the first version of the Chinese poker app with play money, it was time to start thinking about the next step. Because of the great success and enthusiasm of the players, this was not hard. The team soon found out that the audience was more than ready for real money play.

In September 2019 the Belgian Gaming Commission handed a B+ License to Days of Poker. After that, it took some time to make sure the technical details were all in order. A connection with EPIS database, making sure that money transactions are secure with HiPay and other partners, …

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