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Sportify WarmUp

Sportify WarmUp

The IndieGogo Sportify Max campaign is slowly but surely getting started. So far we’re at 1/10 of the target. The past taught us that Pokahnights players need a little push every once in a while. To give...
Club Poker Prizepool €35000

Sportify Max – Update

Time for a final Sportify Max update. In this article we will tell you which formats you can pick if you want to join in on the events in November at Circus Poker Club Antwerp. Each event day we guarantee at l...
Sportify Max

Sportify Max

Sportify Poker is a think thank by Pokahnights, created to find solutions, like Sportify Max, to make club poker as attractive as possible for a large group of poker players. Sportify Poker finds it important ...
Sportify Poker 2019 - Nico Douwen - Sportify team

The Sportify teams are on a roll

One of the projects Pokahnights invests its time in is Sportify Poker. The principle is simple: Pokahnights wants poker to be organised and viewed as a sport. Just like with football for example, Pokahnights w...