Tag Team

October 29, 2019

On Friday, November 8th, we expect all poker players in Circus Poker Club Antwerp for the final edition of the Tag Team poker event in 2019! Find your poker buddy and subscribe your team for the event. Reserve your seats in advance, because full is full.

The most popular poker format is back! In a Tag Team poker tournament you’ll play 1 stack with 2 players. Who’s your favorite poker buddy? Team up!

How do you play a Tag Team tournament?

A Tag Team poker event is not so different from a regular Texas Hold’em event. The only thing that’s different, is the fact you play with a team of 2 players and only 1 stack. The action is exchanged among themselves.

To make this clear:

  • Before flop – player A
  • After flop – player B
  • Turn – player A
  • River – player B

If player A was the last to speak in a hand, player B will be the first to make his action in the next hand. It is prohibited to discuss the hand with your colleague when you’re still in a hand.

Event details Tag Team November 8

On Friday, November 8th the doors of Circus Poker Club Antwerp open at 7.30pm. Make sure you subscribe your team beforehand. Tag Team events have a tendency to sell out completely! The poker event starts at 8pm. It is possible to register until 9pm. Yup, we think about those unfortunate ones that have to work until late.

Per team you receive 1 stack. At each poker table we will seat 10 players. This way, the tournament is played 5-handed. There are levels of 20 minutes and a start stack for each team of 20.000 chips. Each player pays a buy-in for the event of 20 euros. This can be done cash of using bancontact on the day of the event.

Subscribe beforehand

Send an email to info@pokahnights.com including your and your teammate’s full first and last name. We will confirm your subscription by email.

It’s the last Tag Team of 2019, so make sure to be there! If you’re looking for a teamie, you can always use our Pokahnights Facebookgroep.

In the last month of 2019 we will organise a PokahChamp. This is a prestigious event where all winners from the past year get an invite to determine who the best player of 2019 is. Keep an eye on our blog for all info.

See you at the tables!