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Circus Poker Club – Recap 2019

Circus Poker Club – Recap 2019

Circus Poker
December 20, 2019

The time for annual statements has arrived. As a club we would like to take a minute and look back upon the last year. Just like any other of the 10 past years we barely could keep track of time in 2019. Everything evolves so quickly. We had an epic blast during Pokahnights’s concluding Million Madness event, but also took some bumps and bruises while testing some new poker concepts. In the end we are proud of where we are right now and hope to be able to continue this path in 2020.

Statistics pokerclub

In 2019 the club divided more than 350.000 euro in the prize pool. We welcomed more than 1.700 unique players at our tables and 400 of them made profit or at least played break-even. In total we ran 559 events and sit & go’s.

Club players

John Van den Bosch, aka Johnson, is the biggest winner of the year because he won 7 events. David Olurebi is the most profitable player of the club. Well done both! 28 times a woman could be found on the winner’s picture. In total 23 women won one or more events and are competing in this year’s PokahChamp. We never had a female Pokahchamp so good luck ladies! Bertje Gauwloos is the most profitable female player.

Biggest event

432 multi-table events had 40 or more entries. The main events on Friday and Saturday evening get around 70 players each time and that’s a great accomplishment we believe! The concluding event of the old pokahroom, the Million Madness Main Event, was by far the biggest tournament of 2019. The Million Madness got 268 entries and player Niels Molkens shipped it after a 4-way deal.

Pokahnights becomes Circus Poker Club Antwerp

In the beginning of 2019 there was not a sign of Circus Poker Club Antwerp yet although talks with Circus were already occurring during that time. By joining Circus poker we are able to set up sustainable collaborations together with, Grand Casino de Namur and Club Circus Paris. GG!

Breakdown & Rebuilt

Before the summer of 2019 Pokahroom Antwerp finally closed its doors setting everything into place for the grand re-opening mid July. A lot was done in a very short amount of time, transforming the club from a night-only-club to a co-working environment that’s used during day as well.

Creative Whereabouts

The creative and flexibele co-working space that we built got a new name to start with: the Creative Whereabouts. At the same time we started working together with Workero, a new platform connecting co-working space all over the country and europe. Through their website and mobile app you can easily book a spot at our location. We got flex seats, open desks, presentation corners and meeting rooms. Or why not book the entire floor, ideal for a corporate event or workshops. Please find us on Workero!

As we speak the second floor of our building is getting a make-over as well. Here small and medium sized firms can rent private offices.

Thank you team, crew & players!

Kind of a tradition by now, but impossible to skip. It’s incredible to see how we stand or fall with or without our loyal players. Together with our amazing team and crew we are obliged to say thank you all so much. Every step of the way you were all impeccable in 2019! Without you guys we simply wouldn’t have this club!

Happy holidays!

We would like to see all of you back in 2020 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as usual. And don’t forget, if you’re looking for a nice, inspiring and flexible place to work from, don’t look any further! Meet us in the Creative Whereabouts from Mondays till Fridays!