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Always Play Legally

Always Play Legally

Days of Poker
April 28, 2021

Euro 2021 is about to start and for all who live on another planet – which we would perfectly understand in these Corona times – this is an event that makes half of Europe and probably the rest of the world sit behind their tellies and sheer for their favourite football nation. Just hoping to win the title of European Champion for the next 4 (3 now only, thank you) years. We’re putting all our money (sort of speak) on our little country and its ‘golden generation’, transitioning smoothly to the very purpose of this article: sports betting is huge, certainly around big events like this one.

Belgian Gaming Commission

6 weeks from the start of the Euro’s the Belgian Gaming Commission wants to use this momentum to make players more conscious about the difference between legal and illegal operators and point out the risks of playing on these illegal websites. It’s very clear to them that players simply don’t know often enough which sites are allowed and which aren’t. A new campaign was put together with the name Always Play Legally.

More specific, the commission will launch short animation videos on its website and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn en YouTube). In these videos different aspects of the problem will be tackled in a very brief and didactic manner.

What is it exactly?

The campaign Always Play Legally aims to deliver answers to questions you might already have thought of, or probably will in the near future. In the end it’s in your own interest to play on 100% legal websites because as a player on illegal websites you will never be sure of any protection or guaranteed payments. It’s also prosecutable.

  • What’s the difference between legal and illegal?
  • How are legal operators monitored?
  • How do you recognise a legal site?
  • How does one find/report an illegal site?
  • What are the advantages of playing on legal sites?
  • Is it prosecutable to play on illegal sites?

Who’s in?

This campaign has been co-organised by the Belgian Gaming Commission, Bago and BVWK. But of course all Belgian operators are involved because they are the ones with the direct communications towards the players. Also we are opening up our social media channels to spread the word because we find it our common goal to fight against the illegal sector.

So you will see us posting regular updates concerning this item on our website, in our newsletter and via our Facebook group. All videos the campaign is releasing on a weekly basis will be shared by us too.

Be vigilant

The nice logo of the campaign is a great tool for all legal operators because this way players will be able to separate illegal from legal websites straight away. But players need to be extra vigilant 100% of the time because illegal operators are known to operate in cunning ways. Therefore it’s always wise to visit the website of the Belgian Gaming Commission, and their section with the list of banned gaming websites.

Do you still have some questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.