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Bankroll Boosters in Days of Poker

Bankroll Boosters in Days of Poker

Days of Poker
February 29, 2020

Spicy up your bankroll with a whole new set of tournament series in the Days of Poker app. All Bankroll boosters are events with guaranteed prize pools. With 4 or more players you’re playing for some real Euro’s!

Boost your bankroll!

Since real-money play became available in the Days of Poker app we never stopped brainstorming for attractive and fun concepts. So in March and April we are launching a bunch of different events enabling you to boost up your bankroll. Starting Wednesday 4th of March until 22nd of April you can play the Bankroll booster events on a daily basis. We offer 4  guarantees: € 15, € 25, € 50 and € 100. All tournaments start with 4 players or more and have various buy-ins.

Program Bankroll Boosters

Daily Boosters for € 15 and € 25 GTD

  • 18h45 – € 15GTD or € 25GTD
  • 22h30 – € 25GTD or € 15GTD

Each day we shift between € 15 GTD and € 25 GTD events for our 18h45 and 22h30 boosters. If we play a 15 euro event at 18h45, then a couple of hours later it is automatically a 25 euro event. Tournaments at 18h45 are always Regular OFC events, the ones at 22h30 are always played in the Progressive OFC variant.

Every € 15GTD and €25GTD event has a small buy-in of € 2,20. In total we are organising 100 low-stakes tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool of 15 or 25 euro.

2x per week € 50 and € 100 GTD

Twice a week the €50 and €100GTD events are put into pole position. This can be the case on any day, so please keep a close look on our event calendar:

  • € 50GTD – 5/3, 13/3, 21/3, 25/3, 29/3, 31/3, 4/4, 6/4, 10/4, 12/4, 16/4, 18/4, 22/4
  • € 100GTD – 7/3, 15/3, 23/3, 27/3, 2/4, 8/4, 14/4, 20/4

In total we are good for 13x € 50GTD events and 8x € 100GTD events.

For a € 50GTD event you pay a very small buy-in of € 1,10. Yup, no typo here! If you like the € 100GTD events more, then you need to pay a little bit more, because the buy-in here is set on € 11. So here’s more at stake of course. All guaranteed events of € 50 are played with Regular OFC, the € 100 events with Progressive OFC poker.

Learn to play Chinese Poker

Fancy the Bankroll Boosters? Then please join the party! But perhaps in need of some refreshing when it comes to Open Face Chinese Poker ? Are you ready for the next level or just starting from zero here? Well, we have something for everyone we believe, because the last couple of weeks we’ve been working on our new School pages with a Free training program. Our first lesson package is already online: learn Chinese Poker. In 12 lessons we’ll explain you everything there is to know about OFC Poker.

Play the bankroll boosters

Soon you will find our Bankroll Boosters in the event calendar of the Days of Poker app. So download our app on your smartphone, create an account and join the fun!

Do you already have an account, but haven’t activated your Real-money play yet? Verify your account now.