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Roadmap Days of Poker

Roadmap Days of Poker

Days of Poker
March 18, 2020

Back in 2016 the entire team behind Concept Booth started developing the Days of Poker project. Today, March 2020, and 4 years later, the project is active in the Belgian market within a 100% legal and regulated environment. Currently we have Days of Poker 3.0 up and running, but needless to say this isn’t the last stop for the Days of Poker project.

 In the article we explain the Days of Poker Roadmap.

Ambition Days of Poker

Since we’re 100% sure now of being capable of realising and finalising projects like Days of Poker, it’s time to reveal to the public where we’re heading exactly with Days of Poker.

01. Days of Poker 3.5

A product, an app, is always subject to some changes. Today we collected a lot of feedback from our players and their experiences in the app.

We are planning for several different rounds with test players to map and to analyse the complete working of the application. The results will create the basis for Days of Poker 3.5 : re-evaluating concepts and features from the Coins era in the app in light of their importance today in the Euro play. We must strive for conceptual innovation to evolve to the best possible poker app. Also some usability issues still need to be taken care of.

As new player on the block we need to go for some decent Marketing as well. Our brand needs to become the standard in the sector. Marketing-wise we would like to focus on guaranteed offers and on direct support for live poker clubs. In a later stadium more mass marketing techniques should be applied to ensure traffic.

Days of Poker RoadMap - Live02. Live Club Poker

We find ourselves right in the middle of the club poker sector, a sector we all love and cherish. We learned a lot during the last couple of years and know exactly what hurdles are still to take.

One of them is surely to created a strong enough project within the sector that is finally able to make the necessary changes. We really need an organisation that can put its foot down.

Days of Poker is committing to following:

  • creating a communication platform for clubs of different magnitudes and ambitions;
  • logging results and rankings in order to create a national competition;
  • offering management tools for organisers;
  • allowing bankroll management for players & organisers.

We realise clubs often have very limited financial means so as a company we would really like to work out some kind of free offer here for clubs and players keeping them far away from extra costs and discomforts. 

Besides this we are lobbying for a new club license enabling clubs to grow if they would want to.

03. Token Poker

Our Research & Development team has been brewing on something special. The last couple of months they created a single player OFC game. The pieces of the puzzle are ready to be assembled and added to the Days of Poker app. It’s our ambition to have something in store for every kind of player.

By searching for OFC Poker Keys massive amounts of Tokens will be generated. These Tokens can be used as a virtual coin in the app or can simple be cashed out. Spin it up!

04. Texas Hold’Em

Say no more. The question has been asked over and over: are you guys going to integrate other Poker Games than OFC in the Days of Poker app?

The answer is quite simple: of course.

OFC Poker is a niche of Poker and we’re not going through all this pain for simply reaching out to the smallest group within the entire poker sector. In the upcoming months and years we are working hard to be able to provide a broad and complementary Poker offer including Texas Hold’Em and other poker variants. 
This is however a long term project because we’ll be needing budgets and scope to walk that extra mile.

05. Full Scale Poker Provider

When we found our spot in the Belgian market it is our intention to penetrate other markets as well to operate within regulated territories.

Ardent Group, the group behind, Club Circus Paris, Grand Casino Namur and Casino Spa, has just the right network for this, so we are happy to team up with them and get their support. They also stated clear ambitions when it comes to poker, both live and online.

A project like Days of Poker is always on the move, is always subject to change. Nevertheless we’ll always be aiming for the best for the vast majority of our live and online players.

Join the Project

It takes a lot of budget to realise everything we mentioned above. That’s exactly why we are inviting the broad Belgian Poker community and investors to build this project together with us. Optoria Entertainment, the company behind Days of Poker, has 100.000 shares in total and 25.000 of them are made available to attract extra funds.

Everyone can buy shares of Optoria Entertainment and become co-owner of the app. Per share you are paying €100. This is an easy accessible business model for anyone in the  Belgian Poker community that likes to be a part of Days of Poker. In general we are aiming for following 3 groups of contributors.


If you like poker and like to play it, then this is a unique opportunity to become co-owner of a company that’s active in the sector, has a license to show for and can offer real-money games. The more players getting behind this project, the larger our direct players field becomes as well.

Organisers: clubs & poker rooms

Are you hosting a national or international poker establishment yourself, then it’s worth considering to join the Days of Poker project too. A lot of supporting live poker projects are about to take off which you definitely will hate to have missed as a organiser. Furthermore you are already reaching a lot of potential Days of Poker players so you can have a direct impact yourself on the return of your investment.

Private investors

Are you simply looking for a good opportunity to invest in a gaming project with already a proven record and an international ambition then you must consider Days of Poker. The last 4 years we already travelled most of the way and marked some interesting milestones along the way. The goal is clear for everyone and that’s to be part of the biggest entertainment industry in the world. Private investors can buy up to 25 share for an amount of €2.500. If you’re not a starting investor we are more than happy to discuss a bigger trade. Larger companies and organisations can also obtain more shares when desired.

How does it work?



Get to know each other

If you’re interested please contact us by sending an email to or contact directly Kristof De Deken, CEO of Optoria Entertainment. Before signing it is important to know all the pro’s and contra’s, right?

All the necessary documents will be provided for once you’ve decided to join us. You will be a ‘sleeping partner’ meaning you won’t take active part in the company. As always there’s a risk you can loose it all and this scenario will be properly documented as well.

Waves of 5.000 shares

We are not going to sell 25.000 shares at once to start the project. The project is already ongoing, tomorrows plan are already drawn today. In the first phase we’re planning to divide 5.000 shares. Once this goal is reached we’ll start our new plans.

It’s our intention to sell the 25.000 shares in the upcoming 3 years. We’ll adjust the price of the shares each year because the status of the project and the booked results can make a big difference each year. It must be clear that signing in today gives you more privileges in comparison to signing in medio 2023.

In 2020 we already free up 10.000 shares of the 25.000 in total.


Every investor can count on a 100% transparent accounting and corporate activity within Optoria Entertainment. Each quarter we will provide you with a proper rapport and status. Larger and/or sector driven investors will have the opportunity to attend board and work meetings.

Cooperative Crowdfunding

Our way of attracting funds is based on a cooperative concept. We really believe it’s in everyone’s interest that Days of Poker is carried and supported by a large community. For that reason alone we started working with the €100 shares.

If you have a caring heart for the poker sector, then investing in Days of Poker is a great choice, join the project!