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The Big Deal

The Big Deal

Days of Poker
December 20, 2019

Starting on Tuesday, January 7d, 2020 you can participate in Chinese poker app Days of Poker in GTD events that go by the name of The Big Deal. Every Tuesday we guarantee at least € 250. The guarantee will go up until € 1.000. The more players participate, the higher the guarantee in the next week!

Days of Poker is on a roll. In 2019 the real money version of the app was launched. Successfully, we can say! Right now there are thousands of players in the database and tens of players active daily in the real money play. To push those real money players and attract even more activity, we want to show you how our Open Face Chinese Poker events work.

Every Tuesday, starting in January, Days of Poker organises a GTD event in the app. GTD, this means that we will guarantee a certain amount in the prize pool. On January 7d we start with € 250 guaranteed. The buy-in for these Big Deal events is set at € 11. This means that we need 25 players to succeed the guaranteed prize pool. When we make it to the guarantee, we add € 250 gtd on top in the next week. If we don’t make it to the guaranteed prize pool, Days of Poker subtracts € 250 from the prize pool (with a minimum of € 250). The cap is € 1.000. If we succeed to make it to € 1.000 GTD 3 times in a row (or 3x 100 players in a row), then we close the action with a € 2.500 GTD event!

Example GTD prize pool The Big Deal

  • 07/01 – 30 players – € 250 GTD – € 300 in prize pool
  • 14/01 – 65 players – € 500 GTD – € 650 in prize pool
  • 21/01 – 70 players – € 750 GTD – € 750 in prize pool
  • 28/01 – 75 players – € 500 GTD – € 750 in prize pool
  • 04/02 – 110 players – € 750 GTD – € 1.100 in prize pool
  • 11/02 – 132 players – € 1.000 GTD – € 1.320 in prize pool
  • 18/02 – 145 players – € 1.000 GTD – € 1.450 in prize pool
  • 25/02 – 167 players – € 1.000 GTD – € 1.670 in prize pool
  • 03/03 – 202 players – € 2.500 GTD – € 2.500 in prize pool

Real money play

At this point in time real money play is only available for Belgian players. We are trying our best to activate real money play in other countries around the world as well. You need a verified real money Days of Poker account to participate in The Big Deal events. You also have to over 21 years of age.

Read how to verify your Days of Poker account for real money play

The Big 3 – Deal, Game, Drop

The Big Deal is in connection with 2 other poker series. It’s an interplay between Days of Poker and Pokahnights / Circus Poker Club. Big Deal is situated purely in Days of Poker. The Big Game and The Big Drop is a collaboration between the live poker club and the Chinese poker app.

The Big Game

Live Big Game Session number 1 is planned for January 17d 2020 at Circus Poker Club Antwerp. Days of Poker hosts qualifiers where you can win Big Game Passes with a value of € 800. With such a Pass you are invited to an exclusive live session with dealer, drinks & food, even an optional massage if you want that. Be smart about it, you can even win a Pass of € 800 for the smallest buy-in of € 2,20. You can check out during every break. You’ll cash out tickets of € 250 depending on the amount of chips you have collected. Those Days of Poker tickets can be used to play online tournaments or (heads-up) Sit & Go’s.

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The Big Drop

The Big Drop series is the new name for The Big Shorty. An immensely popular format in the live poker club. In The Big Drop we organise 21 live qualifiers and a whole bunch of online qualifiers where the winners will all go towards a big Big Drop final. The live and online qualifiers start in January 2020. At the end of February the Big Drop final is played live in Circus Poker Club Antwerp. We estimate that the prize pool of the final will be over € 10.000. However, we’ve always had to adjust the prize pool in the past, because we’ve always estimated the final prize pool too low… So hopefully this time we’ll crush the estimated prizepool as well!

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The Big Game - Win een veelvoud aan € 250 Days of Poker tickets

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