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Win a Pokah Wonkah Deck

Win a Pokah Wonkah Deck

Days of Poker
October 27, 2020

Last month the friends of Pokahnights officially introduced their brand new premium poker cards. The club from Antwerp has designed a new line of playing cards and these are available in their online shop. Of course we want to support this initiative with Days of Poker. From Wednesday 28 October you can win 4 decks every day during 2 weeks. Join the Days of Poker OFC Poker events and win a Pokah Wonkah Deck!

What is Pokah Wonkah?

Pokah Wonkah is a new line of playing cards designed by the Pokahnights team. The Pearl collection of their first series is currently available. These are 4 decks with their own character. More decks will be added to the collection in the coming months.

In the first place, they are of course solid playing cards. The Pokah Wonkah brand is a sub-label of Cartamundi’s well-known Copag label. So with Pokah Wonkah you buy quality. There is also a nice extra, there is a Golden Card in one out of hundred decks. Players who find a Golden Card will be able to participate in an online tournament in May 2021 where a nice prize pool!

Where to buy a deck?

Currently the decks are available at the club in Antwerp or you can order them on the Pokahnights website.
There are 4 options: Warm Black, Mulberry Wood, Bronzetone & Thatch Green!

Win your Pokah Wonkah deck

Between October 28 and November 15 you can win 4 decks every day in the Days of Poker app, each time at 6PM, 7PM, 8PM and 9PM we play an OFC event. You can play for 3 euros, whenever there are 5 players who want to play, the tournament starts.