Back to the Felt

Back to the Felt

July 8, 2020

On Monday July 6th we finally received green light from our city counsels at Wilrijk to resume our club poker activities. In other words Pokahnights is opening up the club doors starting Wednesday July 15th, completely in line with all necessary Corona gambling measurements in order to help stop the Corona-virus from spreading. In this article we will guide you through our precautionary measures. Still have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Government measures for the gaming and gambling sector

Our government has drawn up some guidelines for all activities in the gaming and gambling sector. Next to these standard measures we have added some additional rules specifically for our own club, but we strongly recommend every poker club to resume their activities in accordance with these government measures and integrate them on the floor.

Guidelines for visitors

  • Have any disease symptoms? Please stay at home.
  • Please accurately follow the instructions given to you by our employees and/or visibly marked in our club.
  • Provide for 100%  hand hygiene and only touch those things you really need.
  • Cough or sneeze in your elbow or in a paper handkerchief that you dispose of immediately in a dustbin with cover (eg. in the lavatories).
  • Always wear a mouth mask at the tables. You can bring your own, or if you wish you can purchase one in the club.
  • We prefer an electronic or contact-free paying method.

Guidelines for the club

During the next week just before opening we are planning for a complete cleaning and disinfection of furnitures and materials used by our employees and visitors. Besides this we will inform everyone about above and below Corona gaming measurements. In the room we will use standard posters and projections on our screens next to clear stickers for signage purposes. Please keep in mind following guidelines.

  • Max. 1 visitor every 10m2 allowed in the club. So in the upcoming period we will only play with max. 49 players.
  • We will ask our players to keep and respect the safe distance of  1,5m off the tables. For example we only allow 1 person at a time in the lavatories.
  • Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory at the tables, for the obvious reason that here the social distance of 1,5m cannot be guaranteed. You can bring your own or purchase one at the club. Players without a mask cannot be allowed to play on any table in the club.
  • We will assist with your hand hygiene by providing enough hand gels at the entrance. Toilets will be equipped too with disinfection gels and hand paper. Please wash and disinfect your hands regularly.
  • Bar ordering/chats will not be allowed. Please remain seated, we will come to you, take your orders and serve you your drinks.

Additional club measures

We have drawn up an emergency plan 100% approved by the city of Antwerp. Our ambition was to integrate extra Corona measurements in our club and on our floor that we feel are essential for gaming in our club specifically.

  • In the upcoming poker events players will not be reseated during play. Dat wil zeggen dat spelers per tafel kaarten, met een maximum aantal spelers van 7.
  • To participate in our tournaments you will need to make online reservations up front. Soon this will be possible by our website of Pokahnights.
  • In the public areas of the building marks and signs will be visible, so by means of posters, tv screens and stickers we will inform our visitors properly about the right rules, attitude, registration and concepts.
  • Every run/poker tournament a separate chip set is used. After play all used chip sets and card decks are put in quarantine for a whole week.
  • Dealer buttons also get disinfected after every run. Used chairs and tables will be disinfected by our tournament directors.
  • Breaks during tournaments will be splitten up in smaller groups. This way we can prevent crowded passage points, toilets and terras.

Explanation of the marks in the Club

As regulations prescribe our club needs to implement the necessary marks within the building to make sure all goes well. Sometimes these marks need some extra explanation and this will be provided to through projections on our screens in the club and on our website. Nevertheless, if you still have any question regarding, please feel free to contact us anytime. One important rule to remember is that you can only stand still or sit down on a spot marked by a sticker. On any other location you are obligated to walk further.