GG Saturday Special

GG Saturday Special

September 13, 2021

Pokahnights thought time was just right to have a unique format returning every week, that would be kinda… unique, right? We know from experience that a poker tournament with a guaranteed prize pool is always something to look forward to. How cool would it be if you could count on such an event every week starting Saturday 25th of September? Impossible right? Because there is already a packed new season of the Return of The Nights and a bunch of other Special Events during this new season! Well, we got some news for you, because we’re doing anyway! The GG Saturday Special every Saturday in Circus Poker Club Antwerp is set to go, with a guaranteed prize pool of no less than €2,000! It’s no secret that GGPoker has been eager to help club poker reach the next level since its launch in Belgium. This cannot be done without a fight, and some straight forward concepts, and so we continue the collaboration. And with this push – GGPoker takes care of every cent of overlay – both player and club can take a leap forward.


On Saturday it’s Milly time and even GGPoker wouldn’t dare to touch such a tried and tested recipe. So we are still going for 1 million chips and the events starts at 3pm. Levels are 20 minutes and late registration is open to 7 pm in the evening for this special occasion, so that is 4 hours for you to come down to Wilrijk.

With a guaranteed prize pool of €2,000, we obviously don’t count on it, but we just have to add the option of overlay. As mentioned, GGPoker will provide the necessary support here, the only condition here is that the overlay is fully paid out online on GGPoker in T$. Evenly distributed among the winning players of course.

On Saturday, of course, there is still a second main event scheduled, a Freeze Out, and also a Side Event, currently in the form of a Road to Vegas Qualifier.

GG Saturday Special

  • Day : every Saturday
  • Buy-in : €20
  • Start : 15h00
  • Late reg. : 4hours
  • Startstack : 1M
  • Levels : 20 min.
  • Prize : €2.000 GTD

In the money

When do we have overlay and when not? Do I get my winnings home straight away or will it be deposited into my GGPoker account? Don’t panic, it’s very simple and you are never at a disadvantage as a player. The basic principle is simple as for every €20 buy-in, €17.5 will go into the prize pool as always. (€2.5 is withheld as rake and is intended for the operation of the club.) With 15 players (115 x €17.5 = €2012.5) we will hit the guaranteed prize pool of €2,000. For the sake of convenience, we set the break-even at 114 players, we are happy to make up the missing €5. Below we are offering three examples of three different player fields, we try to make it clear how everything is neatly distributed. In case of payout on GGPoker, the euros need of course to be converted into dollars. In the first two cases, there is overlay.

A) Field of 60 players
Normal payout would have been €1.050. But now we guarantee €2.000, so we have €950 overlay! It’s this €950 that is distributed on GGPoker accounts.

Cash on GGPoker 
Winner €300 €300
Runner-up €200 €200
Plaats 3 €175 €125
Plaats 4 €110 €100
Plaats 5 €85 €75
Plaats 6 €80 €50
Plaats 7 €50 €50
Plaats 8 €50 €50
€1.050 €950

B) Field of 90 players

Normal payout would have been €1.575. But now we guarantee €2.000, so we have still €425 overlay! And €425 to be distributed on GGPoker accounts.

Cash on GGPoker
Winner €425 €100
Runner-up €300 €50
Plaats 3 €200 €50
Plaats 4 €140 €25
Plaats 5 €110 €25
Plaats 6 €85 €25
Plaats 7 €70 €25
Plaats 8 €55 €25
Plaats 9 €55 €25
Plaats 10 €45 €25
Plaats 11 €45 €25
Plaats 12 €45 €25
€1.575 €425


C) Field of 115 players
We have a payout €2012,5 (>€2.000GTD), so ALL payouts will be settled in cash:

Cash on GGPoker 
Winner €527,50
Runner-up €345
Plaats 3 €240
Plaats 4 €165
Plaats 5 €135
Plaats 6 €115
Plaats 7 €95
Plaats 8 €80
Plaats 9 €70
Plaats 10 €60
Plaats 11 €60
Plaats 12 €60
Plaats 13 €60
€2.012,50 €0


For our Early Birds on Saturday we have something extra special up our sleeves because we organise a Happy Hour between 2.30 pm and 3.30pm. Drinks are 50% off, enjoy! Also, please make sure you have a GGPoker created or on hand (from a friend) because when part of a payout needs to be settle on GG, we will ask for the email/pseudo.

Our room in Wilrijk is open to every poker enthusiastic alive. And as an organizer, we think about how to improve our service to you on a weekly basis. In the meantime, as we mentioned earlier, we consider it to be our duty and our responsibility to serve you well. Thanks to your help and feedback, we seem to be able to do this.

I. Be sure to check the Pokahnights website for the latest facts about membership cards, bar and other matters

II. We are currently following the Corona measures applicable to the catering industry. So we ask you to always put on your mouth mask when moving in the room. These can already be taken off at the table.

III. There is also no longer a mandatory closing time, but we will continue to organize the structures throughout the week in such a way that we always end between 1 am and 1.30 am (closing at 2 am). On Fridays and Saturdays you can do a little more, but without going into extremes. On weekends we always try to finish around 3am – 3.30am (closing at 4am).

IV. An important service announcement that we do not mention here without thorough reason is the demand for respect for our neighbours. The potential nuisance can range from noise pollution and litter lying around to dirty cigarette butts in the garden. We urge you to follow all guidelines posted in the room with the utmost respect. So smoking in the places provided and no noise / terrace use after 10 pm.

V. Our calendar will be kept up-to-date at all times. You can go there for both the regular program and all specials. You know what to do in the coming weeks and months. You can always consult our calendar here.

VI. Check out our weekly Pokah UTG newsletter and our Facebook page.


See you at our tables and don’t hesitate to contact if you have any problem, remark or question.




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