Halloween Deepstack Special

Halloween Deepstack Special

October 14, 2021

Last one and a half year we had to miss out on a lot of special occasions due to circumstances. So Halloween this year will be therefore extra highlighted, you know us! As mentioned before we will play quite some Special Events during the new  Return of The Nights season of Pokahnights. And this one has to be marked in your agenda!

Deepstack (2-days)

An extra long weekend including Halloween is a gift for Circus Poker Club Antwerp. One we definitely want to accept and share with you, so our club will be exceptionally open on Sunday (31/10) and Monday (1/11)! If you manage to dress up for the occasion you will start your poker day with one free drink. No worries if you don’t, you only have to deal with Junior who will haunt you the entire day about this missed opportunity.

Anyway, with a 50K starting stack and levels of 50 minutes we predict a comfortable 2-day poker journey starting at 13h each day. On Sunday we call it a day around midnight and when you still have some stack left, we’ll see you back the next day. You might want to keep some stack till midnight again on Monday because then you’ll be crowned winner of our Halloween Deepstack Special.

Side Events

No Main without a decent Side dish when playing at Pokahnights. So on Sunday at 18h we are playing a Deep Hyper (3h late reg. – 100K chips – 10 min. levels) and on Monday at 15h a Deep Freeze Out (4h lage reg. – 50K chips – 20 min. levels). On the 2nd of November as you will probably already have heard, the brothers Matthias and Christophe De Meulder  are starting their weekly Step-It-Up Workshop on Tuesdays as well. And right before their kick-off for edition number 1, we would like to offer our players an extra chance to win a combi-ticket for all 5 editions. So the familiar Side events of October with each time 2 combi-tickets guaranteed are prolonged with 2 days. Meaning that on each day of our Halloween-special we also organise such a side event. On Sunday at 21h30 and on Monday at 20h! Enjoy!


    I. Be sure to check the Pokahnights website for the latest facts about membership cards, bar and other matters

    II. There is also no longer a mandatory closing time, but we will continue to organize the structures throughout the week in such a way that we always end between 1 am and 1.30 am (closing at 2 am). On Fridays and Saturdays you can do a little more, but without going into extremes. On weekends we always try to finish around 3am – 3.30am (closing at 4am).

    III. An important service announcement that we do not mention here without thorough reason is the demand for respect for our neighbours. The potential nuisance can range from noise pollution and litter lying around to dirty cigarette butts in the garden. We urge you to follow all guidelines posted in the room with the utmost respect. So smoking in the places provided and no noise / terrace use after 10 pm.

    IV. Our calendar will be kept up-to-date at all times. You can go there for both the regular program and all specials. You know what to do in the coming weeks and months. You can always consult our calendar here.

    VI. Check out our weekly Pokah UTG newsletter and our Facebook page.


    See you at our tables and don’t hesitate to contact if you have any problem, remark or question.





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