POPS Line Up

POPS Line Up

April 1, 2021

We bet you can find your specific poker taste anytime and anywhere online these days but during PokerStars new Pokahnights Online Poker Series we finished it all up with toppings and cookies. What’s not to like about 5 weeks of playing online poker on a daily basis, chatting and complaining (#friendlygame) together with your friends in a poker series with over 125 tournaments and possibly 2 grand finals. (Make sure you continue reading below because starting 20/04  the program of the POPS has been changed)

Zupah Tuesdays (t.e.m. 13/04)

There’s a regular poker offer on PokerStars of course and even one closely resembling our own Zupah Tuesdays tournament at 20h but ours has a choice of buy-in between €2,20 Low, €11 Medium and €33 High. We play NL Texas Hold’em 9-max with 10.000 starting chips and levels of 10 min. Re-entry is allowed and you can register until the end of level 6.

Don’t forget about our numerous side-events on Tuesday, because although we like to start up slowly early in the week – and more focus goes to bounties on Thursdays and to deepstacks on Sundays – we prepared some appetizers on Tuesday as well. Make sure you read all about them below. And don’t we have some real Omaha-amateurs in da house?

Thursday Drills (t.e.m. 15/04)

The chill, the thrill or… we got as far as the Drill, don’t ask us why! Again, 3 buy-in choices for the Thursday night (20h) Thursday Drill: €5,5 Low, €11 Medium and €33 High. Hello! We play online, right! So you just might decide to play them all at the same time, why not! This time we go for the Progressive Knock Out NL Hold’m 9-max with possible re-entry. Starting with 10.OOO chips, 10 min levels and 60min late registry, we are about to have a fun Thursday night.

Maybe some of you don’t really need to be extremely sharp or fully rested early Friday morning, because when desired you can really turn up the poker heat with POPS on a Thursday night. We got loads of side-events waiting to be played, with numerous buy-ins and different formats. No need for a bed straight away!

Zunday Zillions (t.e.m. 18/04)

Not quite sure the name is referring to a well-known and notorious nocturnal establishment over 20 years ago in the Antwerp region, but because the POPS is not (yet) really offering millions at the moment, we’re pretty sure we can go a long way with this concept on Sunday. At 20h sharp we play the Zunday Zillions for €5,50 Low, €11 Medium and €33 High. NL Texas Hold’em 9-max is the game and 10.000 starting chips will not be a big surprise. But this time we are playing levels of 15 minutes and allow late registering for 90 minutes. Re-entry is also allowed.

Later on you can even do a re-run in the 6-max of the format, also with different buy-ins, and it goes without saying that on Sundays we have a maximum of side-events to close up the week and the POPS. Please also remember that our €22 and €33 events hand out a final-ticket for every starting tranche of 25 players with a minimum of 10 players. So make sure you keep an eye on that too during the POPS.

Side events POPS (t.e.m. 18/04)

Main Events are important, but a generous and fun amount of side-events are the key elements of a great series. So during the POPS we are offering a variety of formats and buy-ins, so no matter when you turn up, you will have the possibility to play whatever you like to play.

1. POPS Battle

Regular poker players will usually go for these tournaments. NL Texas Hold’em is the game, max 10 minutes levels and no darned bounty on one’s head, who ever came up with such an idiot idea anyways…  we sure wouldn’t dare, right? Every event day plenty of them in the program and each time with a nice range of buy-ins and speeds.



2. POPS Deepstack

Mostly found on Sundays in the main events of the current POPS, but we made sure we play at least one every event day. With 15 minutes levels players do receive a maximum of playing time to defeat their fellow players in this NL Texas Hold’m format. Wouldn’t it be even more fun with a starting stack of 1 million chips, but I guess we’ll just have to settle with a few 0’s less.



3. POPS Bounty

Please make room for the Progressive Knock Out (PKO) bounty tournaments. This NL Texas Hold’m variant is keen on putting a big bounty on every players head (according to the buy-in) and the more players you can bust, the bigger your own bounty will get. Now that’s really interesting for the better bounty-hunter! Re-fills are allowed don’t worry, we know how much this format is appreciated by the players.


4. POPS Omania

Yesssss, finally, a breeze of fresh air is gushing through the POPS because someone included the Omaha poker variant and made some new friends. No need to explain, we are big fans as well! We chose for Omaha No Limit H/L so you better read that manual  just one more time to really get the hang of it before you register. Enjoy the Omania ride, boys and girls!



5. POPS Eliminator

    As you can tell from our program we don’t often choose for the Freezeout format at all during this POPS. But here we combine it with the more regular Knock Out (KO) bounty tournament variant. That’s NL Texas Hold’m poker with a fix bounty to hunt for, but when you get eliminated, you really are… KO!



    Adjusted Program POPS starting 20/04 !!!

    After almost two weeks of adjusting and finetuning the program of the POPS – and with a lot of helpful feedback from players – we have decided to drastically change the event schedule. In stead of 10 or 15 events we limit ourselves to only 3 events, but on the other side, we plan to play them every day! This will allow our players to more easily find their way to the same tournaments which immediately implicates that final-tickets will be handed out more frequently. All in all, it’s more fun for everyone when player fields increase in a tournament. The cornerstone of the POPS however remains the same: one final-ticket for every starting tranche of 50 players with a minimum of 20 players. So 51 players means a second tickets comes into play.

    Find the NEW schedule of the POPS right here.

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