Recap Bounty Blast

Recap Bounty Blast

March 12, 2020

Circus Poker Club Antwerp is open weekly from Wednesday until Sunday. Week after week players can enjoy themselves during a cosy poker festival. We’d like to recap all the events that are played. This week: a recap of the first poker series, the Bounty Blast. On top we look forward to the next tournaments in our calendar. Stay tuned!

Bounty Roulette

The Bounty Blast festival started on Wednesday 4th of March with a Bounty Roulette tournament. In this new poker variant we had put a bounty of € 25 on the head of players whose seat number matched the level they were playing. The remaining prize money we divided at the final table using 4 envelops with 40%, 30%, 20% and 10%. So that’s 4 filled envelops and of course also 5 empty ones. Every time someone got busted, they got to choose an envelop. After the final table was finished all envelops were opened.

Only 4 players managed to cash a bounty during the tournamen: Kristof De Deken, Randy Donckers, Max Peeters and Peter Van Overwalle. Donckers was the only one not reaching the final table. De Deken didn’t cash anymore at the final table, but Peeters finished in 5th position with a total of € 245. Karl Poets ended 4th with € 25 and Peter Van Overwalle 3th with € 175 in total. Heads-up it was Tony Rodet who managed to beat Antonie Van Rhijn (€ 25) for a whopping € 320.

The festival started out very smoothly with a Hyper side event with another 21 players and 4 lucky cashers. It turned out to be a lucrative day for Kristof De Deken because once again he sat down at the final table. After eliminating Michael Askraba (€ 55) Kristof got in 3rd for € 70. Heads-up the moment seemed right for Jeroen Buls grabbing his pokahchamp ticket and a nice € 147,50 for the win. Runner-up with € 95 was David Olurebi. A well know podium if you’d ask us.

Pure Bounty

The festival continued the next day, Thursday 5th of March, with 52 players in the Pure Bounty. All prize money was reserved for the bounties with € 10 per person right until the final table. At the final table all remaining prize money is divided over the 9 remaining players. This time adding up to € 50 per person. Although Darshan Dayanand only got to 7th position, he collected a nice € 140. Bartosz Puchalski nearly got it to the heads-up phase but still collected a solid € 120 which was more than the runner-up got. Inez Bouhmidi had to settle for € 60. Victory and a well deserved € 150 was reserved for no-one less than Tim Van Dorst.

A couple of hours later a second Hyper of the festival could please 26 players. Thanks to a bubble deal 5 of them made it in the money. Redwan El Meziane got his € 20 buy-in back and shorty after that Mohamed Boulakhrif (€ 65) and Tom Van Doninck (€ 80) left the table. Heads-up another deal between Davy Maes and Shkendim Cakutaj was made resulting in a nice € 145 cash for both. Davy Maes cleaned up the table after this.

Progressive Bounty

Friday nights concept didn’t need that much explanation because our progressive knockout event is a well know tournament. The room was stacked with 104 players and on his way to the final table Jonas Kerckaert collected a nice € 28. Jeroen Buls made another good run with finishing in 9th position for € 71. Kenneth Amand won the tournament and thanks to a bunch of bounties he managed to collect a superb € 379. Arno Gysbrechts (€ 208) and Veronique Regnier (€ 199) completed the top 3.

This time the side event was reserved for the turbo in stead of the hyper. A crowdy main is usually good for a big side as well so we ended up with 48 player resulting in a prize pool of € 840. It was Days of Poker team member Glenn Laureys who seemed sure of the win, but finally had to settle for 3rd place with € 135 in the pocket. Victory and € 265 went to Bart Nys who defeated Kenneth Verheecke (€ 225) heads-up.

Regular Bounty

The club started the weekend on Saturday with a regular Freeze Out tournament with 32 players. We saw yet another bubble deal being made allowing 6 players to cash out. Shana Oyen tried to do better than her partner Glenn Laureys the day before and pulled it off by finishing second for € 140. Heads-up she had to leave the victory to Giovanni Hendrix collecting a very nice € 215.

Which format cannot be skipped during a bounty poker festival? That’s right, a Regular Bounty tournament of course. Each player is worth € 10 and there were 74 of them. John Van Den Bosch already won a nice figure during the progressive knockout where he got to 5th position for a total of € 126. And when he smells a bounty he’s on it resulting in another good run of Van Den Bosch, finishing 8th this time for € 95. Pascal Claes busted no less than 18 players including all but one final table players and finally settled for € 307,50.

The Turbo got up to 48 entries Saturday night and Davy Roelandts settled for yet another deep run this festival. Heads-up was however not his game finishing 3rd for € 130. No deals this time in a very rapid wrap-up of the tournament with Kevin Deckx taking it down for a solid € 285. Popa Horatiu got in second for € 195.

Mystery Bounty

On Sunday – last day of the first Bounty Blast festival – a second Freeze Out was scheduled. 34 players turned up and as the day before no deals were made. Tycho Damen took it down for the complete first prize of € 230. Heads-up he got the best of Ruud Wouters who settled for € 155. Jannes De Beer got in 3rd for € 90.

Busting someone and receiving a bounty is clear for everyone by now, but on Sunday all bounties were… secret. In the Mystery Bounty we counted for 49 entries resulting in 4 players with € 100 on their head and 1 player with € 28. The 4 big bounties were reserved for David Olurebi, Kevin Vermeulen, Zerrad Anouar and Dennis De Schepper. David already finished 2nd in the Hyper during the festival and now added another €145 to his bankroll finishing in 4th. Dennis got in 3rd with €170 and Oscar Vercruyssen finally lost the heads-up for €105. Winner of the tournament and € 149 was Haider Madhloum.

Final tournament of the weekend and the festival in Circus Poker Club Antwerp was a nice concluding Hyper event with 25 participants. Regular player Luc Derboven managed to cash the most during this tournament (€ 167,50). Jim Baeten first left the final table in 3rd position (€80) so heads-up it was Michiel Galland beating Derboven for his pokahchamp ticket and €110 thanks to a deal.

Million Madness Serie

The second Serie we unleash upon all Circus Poker Club players is the Million Madness Serie. We start on Wednesday 11th of March and wrap it up on Sunday 15th of March. The serie is a direct result of our all-time classic in the club: the Million Madness. Creating this serie we kept following two things in mind: Madness & Massive amount of chips. Join us from 11th till 15th of March 2020 during the Million Madness series in Circus Poker Club Antwerp. Join the Madness!

More details of this Million Madness festival you can read right here.