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September 13, 2021

Every new season at Pokahnights is known for its Special Events from time to time, interrupting the general program. We have already briefly mentioned some specials in the introductory article of the Return of The Nights along with a clear calendar overview. But don’t panic, in this article we’re going to take a closer look at all of them. Tag along?

GG Saturday Special

Each Saturday.
The new schedule includes a GG Saturday Special event – every Saturday – starting on Saturday, September 25th. We know, this format won’t stay ‘special’ much longer once we get used to playing for a guaranteed prize pool of €2,000 every Saturday, right? Anyhow, it’s really thanks to GGPoker we don’t need to worry about reaching the guaranteed prize pool in Circus Poker Club Antwerp, because they got our back. Read more about the how, what and why of the GG Saturday Special here.

Tag Team

1 Oct & 22 Dec.
A full house with the nicest tables of the year! That’s pretty much the summary of every previous edition of the Tag Team. Let’s also not forget that due to the corona lockdown and the cautious start-up over the past 3 months, we have never had to do without a Tag Team event as long as today. So it’s about time if you ask us! We play the Tag Team of October 1 with the Freeze out structure, so 20k chips and 20 min levels. We will make the tag team of December 22 go a little bit faster with a structure of 50k and 15 minutes levels. Remember, you and your poker buddy play together in the same hand, but take turns when it’s your turn. Reservations will open two weeks before the start.

Road to Vegas (final)

15, 16 & 17 Oct.
You can read how to qualify live for this final right here, but don’t forget, also on GGPoker online qualifiers are organized almost on a daily basis. Here you can read how you can qualify yourself online for only $1 for the live Road to Vegas final in Circus Poker Club Antwerp. Due to the immense popularity, we have 2 different starting days – on Friday 15 & Saturday 16 October – and the final day will finally be played on Sunday 17 October. On starting days we play from 7 pm to 1.30 am, on Sunday the final day starts already at 2 pm. We provide 50k starting stack and levels of 30 minutes.

Halloween Deepstack Special

31 Oct & 1 Nov.
At Circus Poker Club Antwerp they can smell an extended weekend from miles away. As a result, a fun two-day event is immediately put on the calendar for Halloween and All Saints. Exceptionally open on Sundays and Mondays, this one is for the die-hards. Grab that chance! With a 50K starting stack and levels of 50 minutes we predict a wonderful two days and we always start at 1 pm. On Sunday we will stop around midnight and if you are through to day 2, it is better to play to midnight again to be crowned the winner of this special. GL GL!

11.11.1Milly Special

11 Nov.
Thursday 11th of November we are treating as a regular Saturday (of the old season), so door already opening from 2.30 pm and about a half hour later the first players are covering themselves up with a pile of 1 million chips. So it’s definitely a poker holiday, and we can’t say no to that, can we? That’s 1M chips and levels of 15 minutes.


17, 18 & 19 Dec.
Oh dear, can that Pokahchamp ticket be included into the deal, please? A recurring phenomenon at many final tables, especially in the run-up to the Pokahchamp weekend. This year, however, no excuses, because it is not only a matter of ramping up all 2021 winners, but also the winners from 2020 are joining the competition. No worries, you still have time until December 16th to squeeze into a winner’s picture and join the battle for that prestigious title of Pokahchamp 20-21! Friday (day 1) you’ll be sweating starting 7 pm and it’s best to hold some chips until 1:35 am with levels of 30 minutes and a starting stack of 50K. On Saturday (day 2), the working day starts a little bit earlier at 2 pm. You then play until the final table with levels of 45 minutes. If you are one of the final table players, we expect you back on Sunday at 2 pm with levels of 60 minutes this time!

On the Side

19 Dec.
From October 19th to December 19th, the Side Events in Circus Poker Club Antwerp will no longer be seized by the Road to Vegas campaign, but we will of course provide something else fun to put behind the teeth of the poker players present. A new Big Shorty campaign is always one of the alternatives, but you know us, when all the celestial bodies are exactly right, new opportunities, ideas or concepts sometimes fall from the sky at such a moment. Don’t fear, we have you covered!

X-mas Deep Hyper

21 Dec.
During Christmas and New Year we temporarily put the poker cards aside and say a last goodbye to the old year on Wednesday 22nd of December with an always fun Tag Team event. But also on Tuesday 21st of December we open up the room to get into the X-mas mood with a fun X-Mas Deep Hyper. You know the drill, it’s fun, it’s deep and remember, you absolutely don’t have to be anywhere else than in our cosy room.


For our Early Birds on Saturday we have something extra special up our sleeves because we organise a Happy Hour between 2.30 pm and 3.30pm. Drinks are 50% off, enjoy! Also, please make sure you have a GGPoker created or on hand (from a friend) because when part of a payout needs to be settle on GG, we will ask for the email/pseudo.

Our room in Wilrijk is open to every poker enthusiastic alive. And as an organizer, we think about how to improve our service to you on a weekly basis. In the meantime, as we mentioned earlier, we consider it to be our duty and our responsibility to serve you well. Thanks to your help and feedback, we seem to be able to do this.

I. Be sure to check the Pokahnights website for the latest facts about membership cards, bar and other matters

II. We are currently following the Corona measures applicable to the catering industry. So we ask you to always put on your mouth mask when moving in the room. These can already be taken off at the table.

III. There is also no longer a mandatory closing time, but we will continue to organize the structures throughout the week in such a way that we always end between 1 am and 1.30 am (closing at 2 am). On Fridays and Saturdays you can do a little more, but without going into extremes. On weekends we always try to finish around 3am – 3.30am (closing at 4am).

IV. An important service announcement that we do not mention here without thorough reason is the demand for respect for our neighbours. The potential nuisance can range from noise pollution and litter lying around to dirty cigarette butts in the garden. We urge you to follow all guidelines posted in the room with the utmost respect. So smoking in the places provided and no noise / terrace use after 10 pm.

V. Our calendar will be kept up-to-date at all times. You can go there for both the regular program and all specials. You know what to do in the coming weeks and months. You can always consult our calendar here.

VI. Check out our weekly Pokah UTG newsletter and our Facebook page.


See you at our tables and don’t hesitate to contact if you have any problem, remark or question.





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