Shoot Out Sunday

Shoot Out Sunday

July 14, 2020

On Sundays we go for the Shoot Out Sunday concept: one day action maximising the fun and the game! Fancy some poker fun for one day? Then we have the best solution for you. Starting mid July the team of Pokahnights is organising complete corona-proof poker tournaments. In this article we are focussing specifically on the Shoot Out Sunday concept.

On Wednesdays, Thurdays and Fridays, we play a Shoot Out Shorty with different rounds. On Saturdays it’s time for the second & final rounds.

> More info about the Shoot Out Shorty.

Shoot Out format

In the Back to the Felt article you can read up about all safety measurement the club has taken to stop the spreading of the Corona virus. With all government directives in mind we have come up with a nice format to allow players enjoying some decent poker tournaments in a safe environment.

  • players stay at one table, so no reseating allowed
  • every table is in fact a mini-event amid a bigger one
  • the winner of each table gets to play a next or final round. This can be the next day or any other day.

This is our way of creating a “bubbel” per table.

Our program is built around 2 Shoot Out concepts:

  • Shoot Out Shorty: round 1 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, final on Saturday.
  • Shoot Out Sunday: one-day tournament on Sunday, first and final rounds on the same day.

Tournament format Shoot Out Sunday

On Sundays we play one-day tournaments in double rounds. If you win your table in the first round you get to play the final. We play with max 49 players on 7 tables. So max 7-handed per table. The winners play the final at 20h and the runner-ups go to a smaller final.

With more time on our hands on Sundays we aim for a maximum tournament duration of 5 hours, allowing you to start with 30.000 chips and blindlevels of 20 minutes. All rounds have the same format and it’s the only format we play on Sundays, the Shoot Out Sunday.

Mandatory online registration and buy-in

If you want to play the Shoot Out Sunday you will have to make an online registration in advance. You can do this on the website of Pokahnights. The first time you will have to create a players account logically. After that you can log in and select which tournament you want to play.

New players without a Pokahnights/Circus poker club member card need to purchase one before continuing. We’ll make sure it waits for you at our desk the first time you walk into our club.

All registering and buy-ins go through our Pokahnights website. Besides this all payouts from now on will go electronically as well. After the event you will automatically see the payout on your bank account.

Due to practical and administrative reasons we cannot cancel any subscription and refunds are never possible.


When a player makes an online reservation he or she can choose to upload a certain consumption budget at the same time. You can choose between 10, 25 or 50 euro’s. All club members have a club card with unique QR code. The budget is transferred to this card. In the room all players hand over their club card to the tournament direction when receiving their seating.

Every time a player makes a consumption the amount is deducted from their card budget. When a player is out of a tournament he or she gets his or her card back. This way we turn off any payment traffic during play.

For now our bar offer is limited to drinks and pre-packed snacks without any additional preparation.

In short

On Sundays we play one-day Shoot Out Sunday tournaments. Max 49 players in total with max 7 players at one table. First round lasts up to maximum 5 hours.

  • Buy-in: € 20
  • Rounds: 2
  • Players/table: Max. 7
  • Stack: 30.000 chips
  • Levels: 20 minutes
  • Start round 1: 14h
  • Start final: 20h

Check the tournament calendar on your phone

Circus Poker Club uses the handy Google Calendar that’s easy to integrate with your own agenda on your phone. Click here to view and integrate the calendar.