Sportify WarmUp

Sportify WarmUp

October 2, 2019

The IndieGogo Sportify Max campaign is slowly but surely getting started. So far we’re at 1/10 of the target. The past taught us that Pokahnights players need a little push every once in a while. To give an extra push Circus Poker Club Antwerp is organising a Sportify WarmUp event on Thursday, October 10th.

Over 60 interested people have said that they will sign in for one of the Sportify formats. Of course we would like to see the bar on IndieGogo filling up a little more quickly. It’s a great motivation for our team and for other players interested in the concept. We are convinced that Sportify Max can be an absolute winner in the club poker scene when there is enough back-up. It’s because of that that we will keep on pushing.

Progress Sportify Max - Invite Sportify WarmUp

10/10 Sportify WarmUp

On Thursday, October 10th, we play a Sportify WarmUp event at Circus Poker Club Antwerp. This event will only be accessible for players that have signed up for the Sportify Max concept.

The Sportify WarmUp is the ideal moment to redeem your subscription for November. If you are a part of the first 120 Residents, you get to participate in the special Kick-Off event on November 2nd, 2019. There’s 5.000 euro guaranteed in the prizepool!


What’s so juicy about this Sportify WarmUp? You can win back the value of your chosen format for November in this tournament. The Top 5 receives the amount that he paid for his subscription (with a max of € 150) on his member card. This amount can be spent on all food & drinks at Circus Poker Club Antwerp. This is all added value, meaning that it will be on top of the normal prize pool.

Eventdetails Sportify WarmUp

  • Start – 20h
  • Late registration – 21h
  • Stack – 50.000 chips
  • Levels – 15 minutes
  • Buy in – 20 euros

Participation is only possible for Sportify Max members. You can subscribe via the IndieGogo campaign. If you don’t own a credit card you can sign up in our room on October 10th and pay the amount in our room cash or with card.

Win your Sportify Max subscription in October

Support the concept. On top of that you get the opportunity to win your subscription for November. We’ve worked out two cool actions that will last all October: Last Longer & Resident flips.

If Sportify Max comes through, we’ll be playing for a total prize pool of 35.000 euros in November 2019. No poker club has ever done that before. On top of that there will always be big fields, which guarantees a fun night out and a nice atmosphere. Reasons enough to encourage the Sportify Max concept in our humble opinion.

Stay up to date about the Sportify updates.

Last Longer October

During October it will be possible to participate in a Last Longer for 5 euros. All players that are in will compete among themselves. Whoever stays in the tournament the longest, wins the Last Longer and thus the money.

  • 10- – amount is put on member card
  • 10+ – Guest pass (1 weekend)
  • 15+ – Nomad pass (1 day per week, 4x a month)
  • 30+ – Resident pass (1 month)

Every time there is a residual amount it is put on the member card.

For example: When 17 players participate in the Last Longer, the one who stays in the tournament the longest (out of those 17 players) will win a Nomad pass for November. We put the remaining € 10 on his member card. This amount can be used for all food & drinks at Circus Poker Club Antwerp.

Resident flips

Next to a Last Longer in October it’s also possible to do a flip, meaning that you go blind all in. Make a bet for 20 euros and win your Resident pass for November. We need 8 players for a Flip. The winner receives a Resident pass and € 10 on his member card.

Why crowdfunding?

We chose for a crowdfunding campaign using the IndieGogo platform. This way we can guarantee the safety of your money. IndieGogo is a safe and reliable platform. If we don’t make the target, you will get a refund. It’s not until after we’ve passed the target that the amount will be available for Circus Poker Club Antwerp.


Sign up for Sportify Max and play along in our Sportify WarmUp!