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In 2016 we created the first version of the Days of Poker Open Face Chinese Poker app. Today we played over 5 million OFC Poker hands. If you like to play online poker, the Days of Poker app is an absolute must. Discover this challenging poker game and spice up your game. Days of Poker is fully available with play money, so don’t hesitate and try the app.

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Belgian Poker Players Challenge

In times of crisis, there are always organisations that know how to turn threats into opportunities and new chances for the future. This is no different within the club poker sector in Belgium. Talks that had ...

Win a Pokah Wonkah Deck

Last month the friends of Pokahnights officially introduced their brand new premium poker cards. The club from Antwerp has designed a new line of playing cards and these are available in their online shop. Of ...

Live poker on hold again

What we were all expecting has actually happened, live poker will go into the fridge for another month. Of course that is a bummer and it puts even more pressure on the chances of survival of the club. Neverth...

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In our Days of Poker app we played over 5M hands. Download the candy and experience the best OFC action in the world.