Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

Days of Poker encourages you to be responsible about playing OFC in the Days of Poker app. If necessary, use the available tools to make sure playing will always stay fun.

Gambling help

Do you see OFC Poker as a way of having fun and relax but are you worried you might develop a gambling addiction due to financial, family or personal problems?
Be attentive and prevent this thanks to the various tools available on the website or This last tool is created by the Belgian Gaming Commission, CAD-Limburg and Le Pélican. There’s a lot of information and support for people with a gambling problem. The website hopes to be an accessible way of support for people with a gambling addiction. On top, there are a couple of self-tests available for the visitor that questions his own gambling behaviour. There is also a free online selfhelp program. During this program the participants can connect with other people through a secure forum. Exchanging experiences, sharing success stories and mutual support can be really helpful in the healing process.

SOS Games

If you think you might be addicted to gambling or would like to talk about this problem, you can call SOS GAMES for free on 0800/35.777. The number is available 24/7. You can also take a look at the website of some gambling clinics.


If you would like to block your access to casinos, automated gaming rooms and online gaming websites, you can contact the Belgian Gaming Commission directly. Or you can submit a voluntary self-exclusion form. If you would like to submit this request on behalf of someone else, you can submit a third party exclusion form. All information is available on the website of the Belgian Gaming Commission.