Learn to play OFC Poker

Many poker players have heard about Open Face Chinese Poker. Knowing OFC Poker through and through is a different story. Days of Poker has a School page where the different games are explained. Learn to play OFC Poker today and join in the free OFC app.

Different courses

We will explain the OFC Poker game rules in different steps. Please follow these lessons in the right order. If you start for example with course 9 you might miss context from the previous courses you need to comprehend everything. You can go through every course in less than 5 minutes.

Practice makes perfect

Theory is important, but you’ll learn to play Chinese Poker by practicing. The Days of Poker app is 100% free to download and all options are available for play money. No worries if you make a mistake. This way you’ll be the best Open Face Chinese Poker player in no time. Learn to play OFC Poker with Days of Poker!

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Game rules Open Face Chinese Poker

If you want to get the hang of the game rules of OFC Poker it’s important to know the basic principles of the poker game. If you don’t master these yet you can always go through the basic poker rules. The necessary principles can be found in these courses as well. As soon as you know the basic rules you’re ready to start OFC Poker. In this poker variation, just like in other variations, the goal of the game is to defeat the opponent by creating stronger poker combinations.

Go through the different courses. Before you know it you’re an Open Face Chinese poker pro. If you have any questions, do not hesitate in contacting the Days of Poker team. We would love to help!

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