Goal of the game



Goal of the game

If you want to win in OFC Poker you need to know the goal of the game. You have to defeat your opponent. You do this by creating the strongest, valid, poker combinations.

Winning in OFC Poker

In Chinese Poker the goal of the game is to make a better poker hand than your opponent. On the end of your hand 13 cards will be present on your playing field. You have to divide the cards on the 3 lines on your playing field. When all lines are completed on your side and your opponents side you will compare these lines. This way you can see who has created the best hand.

The existing poker hands are sorted as follows (from high to low)

Royal flush
Straight flush
Four of a kind
Full house
Three of a kind
Two pair
One pair
High card


How to compare your hands

To compare your finished hand with your opponent’s hand, you take a look at who has the best poker combination.

Some examples

  • When your opponent has QQ on the top line and you have AA, you win on the top line. A pair of Aces is worth more than a pair of Queens.
  • When your opponent has 66610J on the mid line, he has Trips or Three of a Kind. In order to win this line, you’ll have to make a better combination than this. With only a High Card, One Pair or Two Pair you won’t win. Also any Trips below 666 won’t let you win. You’ll have to do better than that. A Straight or better will do.
  • When your opponent has 44448 on the bottom line he has a very strong combination: Four of a Kind. In order to beat this you would need a higher Four of a Kind or even better like a Straight Flush.
  • When you have AAA on top you have the best possible hand on this line, your opponent can not beat this combination.

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