Progressive OFC Poker



Progressive OFC Poker

Progressive Open Face Chinese Poker is a fun variation of the game. Because you can win extra cards when you qualify for Fantasyland, it guarantees a lot more action and therefore higher scores.


A fun variation is Progressive Open Face Chinese poker. It’s called Progressive because the better your top line is the more cards you’ll get in Fantasyland. This can give you huge advantages. The more cards you get, the easier it will be to create good poker combinations and the easier it will become to beat your opponent.

How many cards do you get in Fantasyland?

  • Pair of QQ on top: 14 cards
  • Pair of KK on top: 15 cards
  • Pair of AA on top: 16 cards
  • Any Three of a Kind on top: 17 cards

A Pair of Queens will get you the same amount of cards in Fantasyland as in Regular OFC poker. The other combinations mentioned above give you extra cards. Depending on the strength of your top line, you have to muck one to four cards in Fantasyland.


More points

In Progressive Open Face Chinese Poker way you’ll score more points in Fantasyland. Since you receive more cards, there are more options to place the best possible hand.

Staying in Fantasyland

It’s easier to stay in Fantasyland in Progressive games. The rule to stay in Fantasyland is the same as in Regular OFC: Three of a Kind on top or at least Four of a Kind on the bottom line. When you stay in Fantasyland you will receive the normal amount of 14 cards.

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