On top of the scoring system for OFC Poker that we’ve explained in the previous lesson there are also royalty points. With royalties it’s possible to win or lose over 50 points…

Royalty points

Next to the scoring system you also have to take into account the royalty points. In the scoring system with the comparing of lines you can win or lose a maximum of 6 points. With the royalties it’s possible to win or lose more than 50 points, depending on the poker combinations you’ve created.

Royalty points can be compared to bonus points for good hands. These points are added to your line score.

Player A


14 royalties A – 6 royalties B

+1 (score lines) = +9

Player B


6 royalties B – 14 royalties A

-1 (score lines) = -9

Top line Royalties

On the top line you receive royalties starting from a pair of 6’s. Your points go up the better your poker combination gets. This way you can win up to a maximum of 22 points on the top line alone, when you are able to place Trips Aces on top.

A little reminder for you if you want to learn these by heart: Trips are worth 13 points more than a Pair on the top line (with the exception of the Pairs that are worth 0 points). When you know how much a Pair of 6’s is worth, you just add 13 points when you have Trips 666 to know how much Trips is worth.

Bottom line Royalties

On the bottom line the royalties start at a Straight. You receive 2 royalties for that. For a Royal Flush you get 25 points. In the middle the royalty points start at a Three of a Kind. The royalties you earn are added to your total score.

Imagine you have a Flush on the bottom and your opponent has a Straight. You win 4 points for this and your opponent only wins 2. The difference between the both of you is added to your score. This means you receive 2 extra points for your bottom line.

A little reminder for calculating your mid and bottom line: the same combination on your bottom line is worth half of the points of that combination on your middle line (with the exception of Three of a Kind).

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