Scoring system



Scoring system

Now that you’ve mastered the basic game play of Open Face Chinese Poker, you’re ready to learn about the scoring system. OFC Pineapple Poker is always measured by points.

Earning points

The scoring system works as follows: first you will compare the lines between you and your opponent.

You compare:

  • your top line with the top line of your opponent
  • your middle line with the middle line of your partner
  • your bottom line with the bottom line of your opponent.

Whoever has placed the best poker hand on a line will win that line. You can find a list of the possible poker combinations and their value in Lesson 2, Goal of the Game.

You receive one point for each won line. Per lost line you lose one point. When you win every line, you “scoop” your opponent and receive 3 extra points. In that case you win a total of 6 points. When you win 2 out of 3 lines, you win 2 points. You lose 1 line, so in total you get 1 point. If there is a line where you have the same poker hand as your opponent, there is a draw, in which case you neither win or lose on that line. A scoop is not possible when there’s a draw, you need to win all three lines.

Below is an example of the scoring system

Player A


+3 lines +3 scoop = +6

Player B


-3 lines -3 scoop = -6

Player A


+2 lines -1 lines = +1

Player B


-2 lines +1 lines = -1

Player A


+2 lines = +2


-2 lines = -2

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